Thursday, 1 March 2012

12. Bacon and onion brioche at The Ledbury

Ok, so admittedly it is neither practical nor cost-effective to go to The Ledbury just for their bread basket.  You won't escape lunch with change from a £50.  However, having been profligate enough to eat here twice, my enduring happy memory is of this particular roll - a super light, buttery brioche, made with little bits of bacon and soft caramelised onion.

Other things I love about The Ledbury are the floor tiles in the women's loos - normally I hate gold and black in combo (super-80s and cheesy, but they really work here.)  And the smell of this Aesop  hand-soap. which is not at all sweet, even though it has geranium in the title.   Again, nice hand soap probably not justification for a £50 lunch.  Oh.  And the food's pretty amazing too, particularly this brown sugar tart which is a staple on the menu. The texture of the tart is extraordinary - dense, thick and creamy.

And also the delicate, crispy sable biscuit they give you pre-starter (sorry, I know it's called an amuse bouche but I hate that phrase) - well anyway, it's amaze-balls.*  Amuse-balls...

The Ledbury, 127 Ledbury Road, W11 2AQ, 0207 792 9090

* I told you, resistance is's in me like a sting :-(

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